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A Soul-Centered Approach to a

Better Business - Better Life

"Prosperity" - It's in DEMAND!

If you are interested in joining us in 2012 please apply below.

***All business sizes and conditions may apply but only 24 companies are selected each year. The best way to find out if you qualify is to simply apply***

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"Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water..."

"Your Time Has Come to SHINE!" ~ Simon and Garfunkle

Are You Ready to THRIVE in the NEW ECONOMY?

Starting in October 2012 at a hotel in Phoenix,
we will meet to engage in an active shift in our business success.

Only 12 people will be selected to join me at each of these retreats where the focus will be on Heart-Centered Business Growth and Success. A Heart-Centered Business is one that operates best from is CORE which we define as the creative union of Love, Service, and Wealth.

On the level of Wealth, one of the first things we will do together is expand our opportunities through a focus on doubling your income.

“When we expand the mind to the concept of doubling,

fresh ideas for breakthroughs emerge, because they have to.”

~Steve Chandler (100 Ways to Create Wealth)

I will be sharing exclusively and completely the tried and tested marketing techniques that are really working in this New Economy – 12 refreshing SKILLS to grow your business in an authentic and fulfilling way.

Each week following the initial retreat we will report back and reconnect. Each member will have access to me, one on one, each month as well as unlimited e-coaching for the entire six months as well as some one on one time each month that we will use to get in and make things happen for you and your company.

The Fee for the Intensive is $6,500. A deposit of $3,000 secures your seat and the rest can be paid in full prior to the start of the intensive or paid over time in monthly installments during our 6 months together..

In April 2013 we will all meet again to celebrate our successes, "reset our ZERO" and work as a collective mind wherever necessary to align whoever might not be at the doubling level yet.

Because I am limiting this to twelve people, please move quickly to secure your place at the table.

To apply for this intensive, click HERE.

Or, if you prefer, call my direct line at 480.332.8233. I look forward to hearing from you.




"I've experienced Justin Rohner's intensives and their effectiveness is amazing. If you are SERIOUS about creating and producing your own prosperity, in a rapid and intense way, then you will make this commitment to accountability that Justin provides.

This group is not for people who want to sit by and watch which way the world turns, this is for people who are committed to producing and creating their own success in the fastest way possible."

Steve Chandler
Author of FEARLESS: Creating the Courage to Change the Things You Can.


MajaDesigns“Justin Rohner is a force to be reckoned with. He is a genuine, gifted, and giving teacher and his Business Prosperity Course is a guaranteed launching pad for personal and professional growth and prosperity.  The course’s collaborative and supportive setup was highly beneficial and ensured accountability and repeated revisits to everyone’s goals. This course set in motion significant and defining changes in my life and facilitated my personal and professional development. I highly recommend Justin Rohner’s course to anyone looking to catapult their business life and to anyone searching for ways to bring the most of themselves into everyday life.”

Maja Arnadottir
Life Designer

MauriSutton"Obtaining Justin's service is like finally having a key to your own treasure chest. Once your treasure is unlocked, the cost of the key is trivial. The value of the key is priceless. Through Justin's 6 month program (Practice Builders), I have been able to shift my confidence (and therefore business) to levels that I thought would take years to get to, but instead happened in weeks."

Mauri Sutton

McGhee3Justin Rohner is like a stick of dynamite to complacency and self doubt. You will walk away from your Rohner experience with a radical shift in “being”.

Once you come down to earth, you will have some very bold actions to put into place. He is NOT just another Coaching school graduate. He lives as a coach.

Some guys have to “get focused” to have explosive and creative energy…however, with this guy charisma and explosive energy is his natural state.

If you really want to make FAST shifts in your business/life, then this could be the answer to your prayers.

Stephen McGhee
Author: Learning to Believe the Unbelievable: Living Life as a Miracle Leader