Who Is This Guy?

I left a promising future in Bio-medical Engineering to “become rich in real estate” and grow a small company I started in college.

Despite having absolutely no background in the industry, I actually got some of things you read about to work… for a while.  Market conditions changed and so did the way we had to do business. I still own a significant amount of real estate, but who I am and how I serve the real estate industry today is a lot different than when I started. (see how my company is serving today).

In 2000 I was introduced to my friend and mentor, “the ultimate coach,” Steve Hardison, who shocked my life to a whole new level. He introduced me to the concept of life-coaching and changed my life forever. From him I found what was always there inside of me, a naturally innovative coach, an artist, and an entrepreneur.

Until I hired him as my coach I did not understand the power that was already in me to change lives for the better and make a comfortable living at the same time.

So, today, I pass the gift of coaching along, not exactly as my coach did for me, but as I do it, genuinely and uniquely.  No script, no packaged “program”, just innovative and highly valuable results… your results.

Whatever we create together is yours to keep.

Many multi-million and even billion-dollar businesses have been conceived during my coaching sessions and I own no-part of what my clients took with them.

You might still be trying to work out if you can trust what we’ll create together. So, here’s a few facts that look really good. I've:

The Whole Picture

OK, now that I've got that out of the way... I want you to know something just as important as the above points:

I'm no guru, I am an artist.

You will not find my agenda or techniques written in a book or scripted in my closet on some secret notebook. We create from the medium of life that arrives in you.

Like you, I am a divinely powerful being having a very human experience. I feel all the human emotions, and am sometimes judgmental, righteous, nervous, arrogant, stingy, envious, defensive, stressed, angry and scared. I love to eat fruit, and most days have a “power nap” in the middle of the day.
And...<grin>...I'm genuinely delighted about life - every day. I'm excited about what we can do with our time, our relationships, our careers, our businesses, and how much fun we can have! I love living life deeply! And....I'm truly grateful to be living the amazing life I’m living.


Absolutely! You can hear from some of the wonderful people I've worked with here.

Coaching Fees & Commitment

The Minimum Coaching Agreement for Personal Coaching and Business Coaching is 20 hours (approximately 3 months) for $6,000 and includes weekly in-person or cyber coaching, unlimited emails, and interim "power" calls as needed.  
Fees are paid up front for the full term of our agreement. If at some point during the coaching you decide to quit, the remaining proceeds will be donated to Fit America Now or another charity of Justin Rohner’s choice.
 Please be aware of your own currency conversion rates before you contact me.

Important: While my fees are quite standard for good business or executive coaching, for purely personal coaching they are higher than average. If $6,000 is too much for you to spend on improving your personal life, then please consider working with another coach.

( I'd be happy to recommend a few GREAT ones!)


By now you likely have a feel for who I am, and if you would like to ignite your life with me.
If you connect with something here and feel like you might really benefit from working together, then I invite you to click this link:

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