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How I Coach, Create, etc.
The following are questions I'm often asked about my coaching structure. Just click on the question you want answered, or scroll through the answers below.

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Who Are Your Clients?
Probably someone just like you...

My clients are both men and women, singles and couples, normally 21 to 65 in age. Most are active professionals but some have also been stay-at-home parents and retirees. Many small business owners whose businesses are just beginning or are expanding, and executives looking to re-invent a bigger game to play or to get more balance in their life.

Hear from some of my wonderful clients HERE.

I have coached and consulted professionals in a variety of industries from doctors, therapists, sales executives, Interior Designers, Custom Home Builders, Medical Engineers, pro-athletes, Real Estate Agents, Developers, Loan Officers, NASA engineers, to small business owners.

What can coaching do for me?
This is different for each client. I remember one client telling me that “time with you is like getting a PHD in me!” Most often I hear words like: balance, accountability, direction, inspiration, ideas, focus, sounding board, support, validation, and (my wife’s favorite) a catalyst. Some people want someone else to share the wins with. Others request a firm kick in the tail <grin>. But the bottom line is, together, we're normally after a specific result that makes a difference in your life. And above all - let's go deep, make it real, and create something astonishing!

Do You Have Any Specialties?
Yes. YOU. To find out for yourself go HERE

I mostly work with:
a) Entrepreneurs wanting to improve, or start, their own small business (click here).
b) Those wanting to get their own coaching or consulting business started (click here).
c) People ready to find the career they were made for (click here), and
d) Executives and managers ready to boost their business and their life (click here)


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Who Are You?
I'm a coach: passionate about personal development, and honored to experience the courage my clients continually draw upon to step beyond their comfort zones. I'm also a raving entrepreneur who loves creating businesses - with a particular passion for referral marketing, creative products/services, fitness, and to leverage gift, passion, and talent, not debt.

I continue to contribute to the growth of three companies/entities I began in college; Astonishing Families International, Home Value Solutions, and the HomeQuest Assistance Program. In 2004 I received my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University including emphasis in Business, Engineering, and German.

Together we will find the way that you will realize your greatest potential, turn inspiration into action, and translate your dreams into reality.

How long would we work together?
In our initial meeting we will explore what it is that you are looking to shift or create and we'll work together to create an agreement that serves your desired result. The majority of my clients work with me for 12 months at a time.

What's the Next Step?
If you are interested in exploring what we might be able to create together please take the next step by clicking on the link below:

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"Justin has an incredible talent for being clear, and creative. He can take my jumbled, crazy mind, and expertly help me create and achieve an amazing paradigm shift, then set me on my way to achieving what I thought was impossible..."

Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Year 1st Hired: 2007


As part of our agreement to work together, you will have access to me at any moment during our 12 months together. It will also include regularly scheduled meetings (30 minutes to 2 hours each week) where we will align our efforts and create peaceful, powerful action and results.

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"You are definitely worth it!!"

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Year 1st Hired: 2008


What's Possible With Justin as My Coach?

If you knew that you couldn't fail...

What dream have you been holding that you'd like to bring into reality?

Is it doubling your income?

Is it growing your practice to serve more people?

Is it starting a new company?

Is it growing a current one?

Is it starting a non-profit?

Is it getting hired for your dream job?

Is it creating a new or renewed relationship?

Justin's clients have achieved all of these, and more, through his coaching with them.

What about you?

What would you like to create if you knew you couldn't fail?

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Or, Call me Directly: 480-332-8233

Can I get a better feel for who you are first?
Sure! Let’s talk. Your first session is free ~ click here ~

By now you have a feel for who I am, and if you are ready to make a quantum leap together...

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Justin Rohner
Dynamite Coach
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Phone Coaching:
Some of my coaching is by phone around the world. I cover the cost of calls
Or Use SKYPE where available.












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